Rockwell Carbide Powders LTD. is specialized in hard facing materials. We provide solutions to various industries, including wear protection, mining, oil & gas drilling, power generation, petrochemical industry, heavy equipment. 

By deploying hard facing material on to the substrate, the wear parts will then obtain spectacular wear resistance, corrosion resistance. Therefore, the life circle of the wear parts greatly extends, some of the wear parts life time may extend to ten-times as before. That's why thermal spraying (including HVOF, Plasma Spray, Flame Spray etc.) and PTA welding are widely used in these industries. 

Besides thermal spray powder and PTA welding powder, we also supply components with excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance. 


ROCKWELL Carbide Powders Ltd. - Powder Brochure (pdf)


ROCKWELL Carbide Powders Ltd. - Oilfield Parts Brochure (pdf)


Thermal Spray Powder


 Thermal spraying provides thick coatings with high wear resistance, corrosion resistance.  Widely implemented in mining, petroleum industry, electric power machinery. 

PTA Welding Powder


 Mainly used for the surface protection at wear locations on heavy equipment such as mining, oil drilling & exploring and debris transportation equipment.  

Other Earth Rare Metal


 Molybdenum, Titanium, Chromium,  Cobalt, Tantalum,  Vanadium, Niobium, Nickel 

Drilling Cutter Bits


 Tungsten carbide bits provide excellent hardness and superior wear resistance in oil & gas industry.  

Carbide Valve and Valve Seats


 Excellent strength and high pressure resistance. Widely applied in power, coal mining, and petrochemical industry. Customized shape & size. 

Precision Wear Parts


Carbide nozzle, bushing, seal-ring, snowplow insert, axle sleeve, blank. High density, high strength, high wear resistance.

Coating Service


Need repair? Check out thermal spraying and PTA welding!

By deploying a thin metal overlay on the wear part surface, the component come back to life, which saves cost than purchasing new parts for replacement.